The Puffco Proxy Adapter is an accessory designed specifically for the Puffco Proxy vaporizer. It offers a convenient way to enhance your vaping experience by allowing you to connect your Proxy to a glass water pipe. With the adapter, you can enjoy smoother hits and a more comfortable session. The adapters are carefully crafted to ensure a perfect fit with the genuine Puffco Proxy, guaranteeing a secure and seamless connection. Simply insert your Proxy core into the adapter, load your preferred material, and let the Proxy work its magic. Whether your water pipe has a unique design or a standard one, our versatile adapters are compatible with various styles, making it effortless to integrate Puffco technology into your smoking routine.


Product Details:

  • Model: Puffco Proxy Adapter – Full Weld
  • Material: Quartz
  • Size: 14 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm*
  • Diameter:  38 mm* (Internal)
  • Diameter: 44 mm* (External)
  • Joint: Male
  • Angle: 90° *
  • Height: 70 mm* (Total)
**Puffco Proxy NOT included.
Weight 0.75 kg