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Mighty Wear and Tear Set

An absolute essential for any Mighty owner. Time and use does take it’s toll even on a high end quality vaporizer like the Mighty. Resins and contaminants build up in the airpath over time and impact the flow, temperature and quality of your vapour. Like a good car you need to give it a full or part service every so often. The genuine Storz and Bickel wear and tear kit provides you all the essentials to bring your Mighty back up to like new. You will appreciate the time and money you invest with better quality, tastier and cooler vapour and inevitably a longer lifespan of your Mighty. Buy one today, a solid investment in your experience.

Mighty Wear and Tear Set Includes:

1 x Cooling Unit
3 x Mouthpieces
1 x Liquid Pad Set
1 x Normal Screen Set
1 x Cleaning Brush
2 x Filling Chamber Tools

Weight 0.60 kg


Storz & Bickel